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ISO 20000

ITIL Service Management (ITSM) ISO 20000/ITIL 
Why itsm?
There are several reasons to implement ITIL-ITSM. Major ones include IT service quality, to make IT services as a profit enter rather than cost center, to make IT service accountable,and speak the language of the business. Driven by a measurement approach ITSM aims to
make IT service quality move from a jargon speaking community to a service driven community which speaks of IT service in terms of business value added.
What is the approach for successful certification?
There are primarily four phases, and in
each phase there can be several
Phase I – Determine the scope of implementation.
This includes performing scope assessment, and gap analysis resulting in determining the scope of implementation.
Phase II – Implementation/measurement journey
through definition of policy/procedure/documentation on one hand and the implementation of the gaps on the other;
Phase III – Internal Audit
is the process of verifying successful implementation, on one hand, and the inclusion of ITSM principles in business lifecycle on the other.
Phase IV – Registration body certification
This is two stages Stage
1 – documentation, and Stage
2 – implementation verification.
Total duration of each milestone canvary depending upon the complexity of the scope. Talk or write to us at to know how we can take you through a successful journey.
What is ISO 20000-1:2011?
It is a certification standard that enables the organisation being assessed has demonstrated considerable amount of implementation in ITSM domains. If successfully certified, it means that the organisation has demonstrated the implementation and is ‘continually’ improving.
The standard - ISO 20000 - is divided into management system controls (Clause 4) and 5 domains (Clause 5 to 9), which is further divided into the following listed implementation requirements:
·         Plan new or changed services
·         Design and development of new or changed services
·         Transition of new or changed services
·         Service delivery processes
·         Service level management
·         Service reporting
·         Service continuity and availability management
·         Service continuity and availability requirements
·         Service continuity and availability plans
·         Service continuity and availability monitoring and testing
·         Budgeting and accounting for services
·         Capacity management
·         Information security management
·         Information security policy
·         Information security controls
·         Information security changes and incidents
·         Relationship processes
·         Business relationship management
·         Supplier management
·         Incident and service request management
·         Problem management
·         Control processes
·         Configuration management

Our Services:
We offer comprehensive services that will help you to achieve ISO 20000:2005 ITSM certification.

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